Communion Meditation Schedule

October 2019 - December 2019


First Service

Second Service


Communion Meditation

Closing Prayer

Communion Meditation

Closing Prayer

October 6

 Kurt Downing

Nancy Schwegler Kurt Downing Brad Hudson

October 13

Mike Killen

Brad Hudson Tim Schwegler Mike Darling

October 20

Mike Bolle Brenda Killen Grant Phillips Ben Banner

October 27

Tim Walston Tim Schwegler Andrew Perry Steve Embree

November 3

Mike Hardee Mike Bolle Daniel Trutwin Nancy Schwegler
November 10

 Brad Hudson

Sherry Darling Steve Lang Shana Engel
November 17 Steve Embree Erika Sterup John Murphy Valorie Bolle

November 24

Mike Killen

Kurt Downing Doug Reinsch Erin Trutwin

December 1

Daniel Trutwin

Stacie Hudson Tim Schwegler Mike Bolle

December 8

Andrew Perry

Andrew Perry Mike Bolle Brad Hudson

December 15

Daniel Trutwin

Kurt Downing Steve Lang Mike Darling

December 22

Tim Walston

Erika Sterup Brad Hudson Ben Banner

December 29

Mike Bolle

Mike Darling Grant Phillips Brad Hudson

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